About Andy Convery

I am a father of three young boys (who love to go paddling!), a woodworker, artist, teacher and can often be found on a building or renovation project site.  I have been guiding canoe trips since 1991, making paddles since about that time as well, and teaching moving water canoe since 1995.

I teach several courses each year at Madawaska Kanu Centre, am the past course director and curriculum advisor for ORCKA, teach instructor courses for Paddle Canada and offer private clinics in the spring and fall.

As an avid canoe tripper, playboater and slalom racer, I am constantly refining what makes a paddle great to use in different circumstances and different boats. Innovative designs and construction techniques are what keep me excited about making paddles as I strive to make “that perfect paddle”.

My various careers over the years  merged to become Echo Paddles. I began as a professional sculptor, became a high school teacher, got bitten by the whitewater bug, and all the while maintained a wood shop so I could work with my hands.

I have worked on the river since 1991, with adult beginners, kids and pros – always learning from my students and leaving with a smile on my face.

My concern for environmental impacts has been a lifelong venture.  The dream of taking the Echo Paddles shop off grid came to life in 2006 with the Montebello shop. Although we have relocated now to Chelsea, QC, I still use selectively cut wood from our Montebello woodlot.

Most recently I have returned to my artist roots and have begun a series of art paddles.  Here I can turn my attention to art, education and endangered rivers.  Click here to see some of this new work.