CMNY3273The Ocoee has been my go to boat for many years for river running, teaching and even racing, and with the end of Royalex it seemed like the right time to make good on my threats to try it in a composite lay up.  The result has been nothing short of amazing.  It is a design that thrives on this lay up, being stiff, light and incredibly responsive.

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See some shots from Gilles Baribeau of the Echoee in action here!

Rapid Echoee

Here is what one recent owner of this boat had to say:

“It’s wonderful!  The boat is the fastest I’ve ever paddled with really great glide.  It has excellent primary and secondary stability and behaved predictably.  It was very dry, even when punching small holes.  The lightness was appreciated. It is also the first boat that I can empty out by picking it up out of the water.  Sadly, I have to put the boat away for three weeks as I am out of town on vacation.”  Peter K.  Ottawa, ONEchoee headerEchoee

The lay up is Innegra/Basalt on the exterior (giving it that fast, funky look!) carbon fibre and kevlar with extra reinforcement in the chines and bow/stern.  The gunwales are wood or vinyl with cherry thwarts.  The outfitting is by Mikey.

Contact me or Kelly at The Complete Paddler for pricing and ordering information.