The classic Starburst shape in a light, stiff layup like the Echoee.   This legendary whitewater tripping canoe deserves a light, stiff hull!  20160520_211204

It handles just as you might expect- dry, predictable and snappy!  What a difference a stiff hull makes- no oil canning, no loss of power to a floppy hull, and the boat skips across the water.  And coming in under 55lbs fully outfiited, it is a welcome relief to those who are tired of humping around a heavy Royalex boat!


See Rapid Magazine’s latest review of the Starlight here!








Here are Mike Yee and Shauna Babcock putting it through the motions at Palmer Riverfest on the May 24 weekend where it was launched.  (credit to Kelly of The Complete Paddler)


Order directly through Echo Paddles or at The Complete Paddler. See options and pricing here.