Gail Shields Remote river guide; ORCKA and Paddle Canada instructor / instructor trainer and course director; North American Open Boat Slalom Championship racer

“I love the paddles.  I take them on each course and trip and it gives me great pleasure to be able to have people try them and then send them your way. I  look forward to having an Echo paddle for as long as I can do a forward stroke!”


Andy Walker North American Tandem Open Boat Slalom Champion; Avid canoe tripper on remote wilderness rivers across Canada; Elite instructor of slalom and high performance paddling

“Echo paddles have the crisp feel of a high performance slalom blade that stands up to the whacking and chipping of shallow rivers and rocky creeks. My Echo blade is entering its third year and when I wanted the feel of a new blade without those rounded corners I just sent it back for a tune up. It came back looking new and ready for another season of abuse…. can’t say enough about them!” 

James Raffan Renowned Canadian author on the subjects canoeing and wilderness travel; Executive Director of the Canadian Canoe Museum; Consummate adventurer, educator, historian and photographer “Anybody can hew a board that will move a canoe, but can they make it sing? Andy Convery doesn’t make just paddles–out of the Echo Paddle shop come lyrically hand-crafted connectors that link paddlers and their canoes to the woods and to the water. They’re strong, handsome, responsive and well-made. My Reflection feels great, looks wonderful, and sounds great around the campfire – it’s music to my keel.”

Andrew Westwood Premiere open boat instructor across North America; North American Open Boat Slalom champion; owner/operator of Westwood Outdoors





Jim Coffey  Owner/Operator Esprit Rafting

“Over the years I have tried many different paddles.  I must admit, I am pretty hard on them.  I’ve always worn down the inside corner, my paddle was always distinguished by looking well worn and well used.  Paddling with an Echo has changed all that.  I can’t believe how tough they are.  Whether creeking in Mexico, tripping in Canada or guiding worldwide it is great to  have the toughness and craftmanship of an Echo.”

Jez Blanchard  Five time Australian National Champion; Three Time World Cup Event Winner  (2006-2008)

“You got me a paddle, made for my specs and I won a World Cup event using it back in 2006. Just of late in the last year I was fortunate to win the World Cup in OC1 Freestyle, awesome. Keep on doing what you do, and once again, thanks for what you helped me achieve.”