Why Buy an Echo?

With so much of today’s product being designed and built with planned obsolescence it is refreshing to come across a product made to last.  This is not only a quality issue but an environmental issue as well.  Everything will wear out and break, but Echo paddles are designed to last and are supported with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects- I stand behind my paddles and don’t want to see them in the landfill.

A paddle tune up is also available for a minor charge.  Basically you will have a new paddle again- new tip, edges glass/carbon, varnish, shaft wrap, etc.  Repairs can be made to damaged paddles, and you will be amazed what can be repaired to make look like a new paddle again.

Perhaps the best words here are from those who use them- the paddle ambassadors

A few other points to consider:

• Canadian owned and operated

• High quality craftsmanship

• Made to your specifications

• Concern for environmental impact

• Innovative designs

• Durability and product support