Echo Paddles are a labour of love with several hours of workmanship going into each one.  They are not mass produced but made individually by hand to your specifications.  It is the subtle, often unseen details that separate a high quality paddle from the run of the mill. 

Some details that separate and Echo from the rest:

*shafts are laminated on a custom bending form to shape the curve.

* softwood shaft core is tapered to end part way down the blade, allowing the hardwood outers to extend the full length of the blade.

* softwood core in the shaft is tapered to allow the hardwood outers to enter the t-grip and the t-grip is pinned with a hardwood dowel. These details make the t-grip less likely to twist or break.

* a mix of hardwood and softwood to provide lightness and strength.

* thin laminates increase  labour but reduce the chance of weakness across the grain and therefore a split in a piece of wood.

* ash outers of the shaft run the length of the paddle, providing consistent flex and strength as well as an aesthetically pleasing paddle.

* aluminum tips provide durability and grip for “rock strokes”.

* edges  protected with a synthetic edging (either fiberglass or Dynel).

*wood shaft is wrapped with a Dynel sock for protection against the gunwhale.

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