Starlight- The Evolution of a Classic

You already know the boat.  Bluehole Canoes designed it and made it famous, Evergreen Canoes continued the tradition, and now Echo Paddles is taking it to the next level.  The Starlight is the latest offering from Echo- the classic Starburst whitewater tripping canoe in the same composite lay up as the Echoee.  Just like the Echoee, we have taken a great boat design and made it even better!

20160515_101725 20160515_101634 20160515_101509The Starlight is light- a 35 lb raw hull, and stiff- just as you have come to expect from the latest composites, making it an absolute pleasure to paddle and portage alike.  Tired of carrying a 90 pound canoe across back-breaking portages?  Tired of watching the bottom of your boat oil-can under every wave, robbing both hull performance and your hard fought forward strokes?  Tired of trying to patch that old, beat up plastic boat with yet another layer of unlike material that simply will not adhere?  Sounds like you have been waiting for this one too.

Available with vinyl or wood trim and outfitted with a deep dish carrying yolk  and form bent seats in ash or cherry  (all  made by Echo Paddles as well-  but that’s another blog post!), the Starlight is as beautiful to look at as it is to paddle.  This ain’t your old camp canoe.  This is a performance machine, just as you have come to expect from Echo Paddles.

We have teamed up with Composite Creations and Mike Yee Outfitting to create these boats.  Three well respected Canadian companies that stand behind their products and have been supporting the paddling community for many years now, partnering to create high end performance river running and tripping canoes- what could be better?

The Echoee and the Starlight are available through Echo Paddles and The Complete Paddler and we will be out on the rivers of Ontario and Quebec this season with demos, so drop us a line to find out where we will be so you can take one for a spin!

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