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The Echoee

What happens when you take a great boat and make it better?  The Echoee! This has been my favourite hull for many years for river running, teaching and racing. The Echoee is the classic Ocoee design in a composite lay up, making for a stiff, light, durable and incredibly responsive boat!

The lay up is a composite of carbon, kevlar, s-glass and innegra with extra reinforcement in the chines and bow/stern and the bottom is stiffened to stop oil-canning.  At 26lbs it's a feather on the water, making it a performance machine.  The outfitting is by Mikey. 

"I absolutely love the Echoee. It's the perfect boat for me as a smaller woman who can't muscle my way around the river. Crazy thing is that larger men say it's just as great for them! It's light, responsive and zippy. I can make it go where I want it to go. I don't want to paddle anything else!"

~ Jess


The Starlight uses the classic Starburst shape but has a light, stiff layup like the Echoee. This combination makes for the ultimate tripping canoe.   

It is dry, predictable and snappy!  What a difference a stiff hull makes - no oil canning, no loss of power to a floppy hull, and the boat skips across the water.

The lay up is tough enough to withstand the bangs and mishaps of a river trip, yet it weighs under 55lbs fully outfitted, making it a welcome relief to those of us who are tired of carrying around a heavy Royalex boat!

"I remember seeing one of Andy's Starlights wrapped around a rock. I was sure the trip was done. I was beyond amazed when it came off the rock and instantly resumed its original shape with no holes, no tears, and not even any leaks... the material and construction are phenomenal! That moment forever changed my perception of tripping with composite white water canoes"

~ Mark

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"We loved how the Starlight handled. The hull is stiff, it accelerated quicker and turns easier than other boats. It came beautifully outfitted with cherry thwarts and laminated wood yoke and seats. We love our boat and are looking forward to our next river trip and some white water play! "

Starlight Owner

"I love my super light and high performance Echoee. There is nothing else like it in the USA! It's easy to maneuver, it’s small enough for performance, but strong and big enough to carry gear when needed."

Echoee Owner

"I have been deliberately hard on my Starlight to test it out for northern trips. And with all the rocks I have hit, it seems to absorb it and rebound back into shape instantly. I am very happy with it."

Starlight Ownder

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