Hand Crafted Wood-Composite Paddles & Boats For The Discriminating Paddler. 

We understand the details that make the difference... because we're paddlers.

The Echo Difference

Our products are hand made, not mass produced. Every piece of material is chosen carefully. We pride ourselves on making quality, durable, products that last. They are a labour of love, made by experienced paddlers who know exactly what will give you the best all around experience on the water.

"Echo paddles have the crisp feel of a high performance slalom blade that stands up to the whacking and chipping of shallow rivers and rocky creeks"

Andy Walker
National OC1 Slalom Champion

"The Echoee is the fastest boat I’ve ever paddled. It has great glide, excellent stability and is predictable. It was very dry, even when punching small holes and so light I can easily empty it!"

Peter K.
Echoee Owner, Ottawa, ON

"The Echoee paddles like a feather. Every stroke is powerful, like I’m pulling myself over the water instead of dragging my boat through it. A single stroke accelerates it to speed, and the energy saved lets me flick around the river for hours of fun."

Emma Drudge
Rapid Magazine

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