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Paddle Refinishing - caring for your Echopaddle


How To Take Care Of Your Wood Paddle

Our paddles are incredibly robust and can take quite a beating. But they do require a little care and maintenance. In this video, you'll learn how to take care of your Echopaddle so you'll have it for years of great adventures.

Learn how to...

  • Inspect your wood paddle for wear and tear
  • Choose the right sandpaper to clean up your paddle (and avoid making it look worse!)
  • Care for your grip and find the right oil to refinish it
  • ...
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What If I Pin My Boat?

One of the first questions I get asked about Echo's composite whitewater canoes is "what if it hits a rock and pins?" 

I still think we should judge a boat more by how it paddles than by how badly we can damage it, however this is certainly a valid question. 

We don't want you stranded at the side of a river somewhere!

This summer we got our answer when we managed to pin our Starlight in a rapid on the Dumoine River (not by choice).

I had confidence in the layup but,...

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Echo Boat Repair Kit (video)


 Contents Of The Kit:

Kevlar patch cloth

Fiberglass patch cloth

Peel ply

Epoxy resin and hardener

Kevlar cutting shears

Acid swab brushes

Nitrile gloves

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My Brush With Royalty

When I started making Echo Paddles back in 1998 I must admit it was a rather modest ambition- to make some high quality paddles in small numbers.  I though I would use them myself and perhaps some friends would ask me to make some.  That was about it.

Almost 20 years and over 1200 paddles later, I am both shocked and honoured to have the support and commitment shown to me by the paddling community.  My latest honour was to make some decorative paddles for the Ottawa Riverkeeper...

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