I'm Andy Convery, the face behind Echo Paddles. I am father to three young boys and partner to Jess. We're a paddling family and Echo is a family business driven by my passion for being outdoors, sculpting, teaching, paddling and working with my hands. 

After a career as a professional sculptor, I started working on the river guiding wilderness trips in 1991. I taught high school for years as well - everything from philosophy to woodworking to history - before deciding to focus my attention on Echo Paddles. 

I no longer teach high school, but I still teach moving water paddling courses every year and paddle making workshops as well. I am the past course director and curriculum advisor for ORKA and I teach instructor courses for Paddle Canada.

What makes EchoPaddles so unique is that I have been an avid canoe tripper, play boater and slalom racer for many years alongside my art making and woodworking.

I am constantly refining what makes a great design so that everyone who uses an Echo can have an amazing experience on the water.

In more recent years I have returned to my artist roots in my ornamental paddles. These are special commissions for awards and gifts which allow me to turn my attention to art, education and the protection of endangered rivers.  

The Products That Come From My Workshop Reflect Who I Am.

I do what I do so you can have a great experience on the water.


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