What If I Pin My Boat?

One of the first questions I get asked about Echo's composite whitewater canoes is "what if it hits a rock and pins?" 

I still think we should judge a boat more by how it paddles than by how badly we can damage it, however this is certainly a valid question. 

We don't want you stranded at the side of a river somewhere!

This summer we got our answer when we managed to pin our Starlight in a rapid on the Dumoine River (not by choice).

I had confidence in the layup but, quite frankly was amazed at just how well our boat handled the situation.

 You can see the damage we did to our boat in these videos.  We also show you what we did to repair it when we got home.

Video #1: The story of what happened

Video #2: The damage that was done

Video #3: The repair that we did and what it looked like after

Part of what I'm extremely happy with about these boats is that they are infinitely reparable. Not only that, but because we can repair them with the exact same material we used to create them, repairs look smooth and classy - no more messy patchwork!

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