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We know what it takes to make a great paddle because we paddle. Just like you.

Echo Paddles are custom, hand made paddles for the discriminating paddler.  They are made in small numbers from sustainably harvested local wood in a variety of models from flat water style paddling to whitewater creeking. 

A fine balance between strength, durability and light weight result in beautifully crafted paddles that match your paddling style and are a pleasure to use.

Whitewater Models

The Pursuit

This is our best seller. It's an all 'rounder for everything from trips in loaded tandem boats to solo river running and slalom.

The large curved blade provides good power and a smooth pull for both tandem and solo boats. 

Its low profile back, spine and thin edges feather beautifully for underwater recovery when running slalom gates, yet it is robust enough for extended wilderness travel.  

Available in wood shaft and blade, carbon shaft/wood blade, carbon blade/wood shaft and full carbon. 

Blade size: 20″ x 8″.

The Concept

The Concept is a slalom racing paddle designed with input from North American Open Boat Slalom Champion, Andy Walker.

It has very thin edges and a virtually flat back face for a slippery underwater recovery, providing remarkable control when steering from the bow.  The blade gets its curve in the top half of the blade and the full bottom half is essentially a straight blade to avoid any wobble.  

A very light weight, high performance slalom paddle, this is the blade to get you to the podium! Carbon shaft and foam core carbon blade.

Blade size:  19″ x 8″


The Creek Stick

With relaxed shoulders and a full width tip, this blade provides good bite in shallow creeks.

Thicker edges, a full back spine and a five laminate shaft make this a beefy stick that will get you to the take out. 

Available in wood shaft and blade, carbon shaft/wood blade, carbon blade/wood shaft and full carbon.  

Blade size:  Regular 8” x 19”.

Flatwater Models

The Reflection

With a remarkably smooth entry and exit and feathering action, the  lines of 
this otter tail shape reflect the merging lines of the laminates in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

A mix of hardwood and softwood combines stiffness with light weight and good flexibility.

Blade size 7” x 26”. You can add an optional synthetic tip for extra protection.

The Omega

Relaxed shoulders for smooth pull and a 7 or 14 degree bent shaft for an efficient touring stroke.

The edges are steam bent ash with a dark wood laminate set against Echo’s trademark blade laminates. The blade is reinforced with fiberglass and has a synthetic tip.

Blade size 8 3/8” x 20”.


The Quest

A durable, stiff and light weight straight blade paddle that will stand up to the rigours of northern expeditions.  

This is a terrific all 'round paddle that can handle everything from windy lake crossings to whitewater descents with a loaded boat.  

It comes with a standard straight mapleT-grip, fiberglass reinforced wood laminate blade, aluminum tip, synthetic edging and shaft wrap.

Blade size: 8” x 20”.


For Kids - The Ripple

A scaled down version of the Reflection so the little ones can do more on a canoe trip than fall overboard.  

Many parents have their Ripple custom inscribed as their child’s first paddle.

Blade size: 16 1/2″ x 4 1/2″


"I love these paddles. I take them on each course and trip and it gives me great pleasure to be able to have people try them. I look forward to having an Echo paddle for as long as I can do a forward stroke!"

Gail Shields
Remote river guide; ORCKA and Paddle Canada instructor / instructor trainer and course director; North American Open Boat Slalom Championship racer

"Andy doesn’t make just paddles. He makes lyrically hand-crafted connectors that link paddlers and their canoes to the woods and to the water. They’re strong, handsome, responsive & well-made. "

James Raffan
Renowned Canadian author on the subjects canoeing and wilderness travel; Executive Director of the Canadian Canoe Museum; Consummate adventurer, educator, historian and photographer

"Over the years I have tried many different paddles. I can’t believe how tough Echo paddles are. Whether creeking in Mexico, tripping in Canada or guiding worldwide it is great to have the toughness and craftmanship of an Echo."

Jim Coffey
Owner/Operator Esprit Rafting

"You got me a paddle made for my specs and I won a World Cup event with it in 2006 and went on to win the World Cup in OC1 Freestyle. Thanks for what you helped me achieve."

Jez Blanchard
Five time Australian National Champion; Three Time World Cup Event Winner (2006-2008)

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